Tuesday, December 11, 2012


This past Sunday, I was joined by nearly 30 children, youth, and adults to go caroling at Trezevant to some of our parishioners.  Boy Oh Boy, was it fun.

Looking back, I remember that caroling was always the dreaded last EYC event of the year.  Few showed up.  Even fewer who could sing.  I feel sorry for those who had to suffer through those times trying to listen to us make it all the way through a song...yes even those versus that you never knew existed.  No beat, no rhythm, no one was in tune...just to name a few.  We were always lucky if we made it into the double digits when we went caroling.

So this past Sunday, 30 was huge! And it was beautiful!  Such wonderful singing filled the halls as we spread the glorious Christmas spirit!  For many, it may have just been a time to hang out with their friends and awkwardly stand in a hallway and sing.  For others, they just enjoy being able to be that loud inside.  But seeing the faces of the ones we sang to was a true joy.

Down the road, when these youth look back, these will be the events they remember.  I know I will.  Thank you for everyone who came!  I was very proud to see everyone doing such great works for others!

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