Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Beacon of Christ

Tuesday and 2013 greetings!  It feels like a whole year has passed since the last issue came out.  Pun intended.

Well it is a new year.  That means this is the busiest month of the year for Gyms and personal trainers.  It is a time whenever tries to fix or change things that they may not like from the previous year.  Lose weight, study more, make better grades, read more books, watch less TV, what have you.   Personally, I have set some goals for myself too.  

As a youth group, I think we should do the same thing.  Together we are a community, a family.  As a whole, shouldn't we also make some New Year resolutions?  

Now, biased me can say stuff like, shouldn't we all agree to go to church more, be in Sunday School every Sunday, go to every EYC event even if I don't think it sounds like it will be fun (which you should never think cause it is always fun), come to CFT so I don't have to eat dinner alone on Wednesdays anymore, you know, stuff like that.  So I am not going to say that, even though they do sound like really great goals for the New Year.

I have actually been thinking about what are the goals that I want set for myself to accomplish here with the youth.  What is the whole point?  One word keeps popping in my head.  Beacon.  When I hear this word, I immediately imagine a lighthouse.  Lighthouses were built on coastlines to be a signal for ships to show them where the coast was.  Essentially, a lighthouse is a beacon.  If you are familiar with Thomas Kinkade, you may have heard of the Beacon of Hope lighthouse.  While his paintings may be referred to as kitsch art, it does demonstrate the concept of being a lighthouse being a beacon perfectly.

So what are we suppose to be a beacon of?  Hope?  Love? Compassion?  

This past Sunday was Epiphany.  During the service at Feast of Lights, a senior member from the DYC spoke about the light of Jesus.  She referred to Jesus as the sun.  He is the light.  Through him we are able to see all.  And we are the moon.  Alone we are dark.  We are there but we do not create our own light.  But when the sun light hits the moon, it reflects so much that it brightens the skies at night.  We are the moon.  Our job is to reflect the light of the Son.  

This year, my goal for myself and for what I want to be a joint effort throughout our youth group is to be a beacon.

To be a beacon, spreading the light of Christ to all those around us.

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