Monday, June 2, 2014

Day 6- Frankfurt am Main

Day 6- Frankfurt

“Faith does not need to be proven.”

The visiting priest, Dorothee, was a missionary from Romania.  She based her sermon off of this inspirational quote. Dorothee led an interesting rectors forum about her missionary work in Romania. It was amazing to hear her stories of supporting underprivileged families.  The service began with the euphonious voices of the Trinity College Choir of Dublin. After church, Big Shawn took us to an outdoor café near the base of the famous Hairy Asparagus (which is actually like a mini space needle). The restaurant served authentic German food, which included an all you can eat meat platter and hand cheese with “music”. Adam and Jim were the brave ones in the group, ordering both of these massive dishes. As the food came out, the hand cheese with music was actually cheese soaked in vinegar but to our surprise the music did not come until later(we’re talking about farts) if you can catch my drift. Following the flatulent cheese, Adam and Jim were served the largest platter of meat anyone has ever seen in their life. It was five pounds of Germany’s best meats, and Adam and Jim ate it all. We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around the beautiful city of Frankfurt. We went into the Kaiserdom (Imperial Cathedral) which is a very large gothic church that we decided would be a perfect location to play one of the EYC’s favorite games, murder in the cathedral. Matthew lead Lectio Divina in the side chapel of the church making it a very moving experience. Following Lectio Divina, we broke up into small groups and explored Frankfurt. Some groups went shopping while others visited the beautiful sites of old Frankfurt. While exploring Ali and Margaret learned that mimes only want you for your money. For dinner we all met at the Opera House and then went to the food festival on a near by street and got to enjoy falafels and shwarmas by the “Wir Essen Hier” fountain. After a long walk back to the hotel, we gathered for compline where we discussed what it means to be in such a wonderful community that is the Episcopal Church. Then Matthew being the amazing youth leader that he is, took us out for a late night gelato run where Kneeland and I both treated ourselves to several servings of gelato. We honestly do not want this trip to end and really don’t want to come home (but we will).  Guten Nacht!


                                    Nae Nae and Lae Lae (Kneeland and Ali)

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