Tuesday, September 30, 2014

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As I reflect back on this week for a topic to write on, I found that I was struggling to come up with anything.  As most people, do, I began to procrastinate, looking for almost anything to do to keep me away from writing. 

Some of you may know this, but my birthday was last week.  Per usual, my Facebook wall was flooded with posts of birthday wishes and blessings.  I remember a few years ago, a friend of mine went through and “liked” every single post on their birthday.  That lead to me trying to one-up…because well, why not?  So I wrote a personal comment to everyone who posted on my wall.  Sure it became time consuming but I will get back to that.

So while I was sitting there, trying not to write, I did my yearly tradition of thanking everyone who wrote on my wall and for many who I may have not been in touch with in a while, asked how they were doing.  I normally do not expect much from this but I feel it was a kind gesture and after last year, feel it is something that is worth doing.

I have found that by doing this, even if it is only one person, it offers me a chance to reconnect with someone that I have lost touch with.

With the technology of today, it is easier than ever to stay connected with people regardless of distance. 

Yet, we seem to be growing farther and farther apart….

Not just from each other but also from God…

Why is that?

This is what I thought of while I was procrastinating.  And something hit me…communication…

One way, probably the best and most logical ways to maintain a relationship with somebody is to communicate with them.  Something so simple, yet so hard to do at the same time.

With twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram…we can follow people and like their status updates or their pictures they post without ever really communicating to them. 

There are two main definitions when you look up ‘communicate’.  The first one is to exchange information… 

Please notice that is says exchange…not read about what somebody is up to.

Communication is not always easy because when it comes to communicating and building relationships…it is something personal.  Anything that is personal means something to us and has the potential to hurt us.  It is easier to just “follow” them and “like” what they are doing…but to stay connected and to communicate and to build those true real relationships is hard.

I will not be a hypocrite and go into talking about how great I am at maintaining relationships.  I am terrible at staying in touch with a lot of people and am very bad at communicating.

It is a skill I have been working on but it is also one that I need to continue working on.

There are far too many people in my life that I should be in touch with in my life that I simply don’t.

It is much easier to ignore or to not even make an effort than it is to pick up the phone and call or text a simple message…anything where information is being traded back and forth…you are communicating and that is better than nothing.

Another thing I did to avoid writing this post for today, was go around and read other blogs…maybe I would see something that would give me some inspiration.  I came across an article about Four Ways to Stay Strong in Your Christian Faith.  As I read through this I see that number 4 simply said, talk to someone.


Three simple words yet it made so much sense…

When you feel down or lonely or lost or helpless…talk to someone.

When you are feeling happy, joyous, goofy…talk to someone.

It works in both contexts.

When you feel far from God…talk to someone.

Sometimes the simplest thing can mean so much…just talk to someone.


This is also a key word when it comes to prayer.  Prayer isn’t just a one sided conversation with God.  At least in my opinion it shouldn’t be.  It should be communication.  But it also takes patience to wait to see how God communicates to you, because it may be in a way you are not expecting.

It all came down to one word that entails so much…


P.S.  The second definition listed for communicate was to receive Holy Communion… 

Huh, maybe there is much deeper meaning to communicating to others than just talking. 

But that is harder than just simply pressing “Follow Me” on Twitter, it requires communication.

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