Wednesday, September 26, 2012

We Will...?

So this past week, I had a friend introduce me to TED talks.  If you know what they are, you may think, "About time, it has only been around since 1984!" (Which makes it older than I am)  For everyone else, TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading.  It started off as a conference intended to bring people from the three worlds of design, technology, and entertainment together.  It has grown since then.  You should look it up. 

The other day, I watched a one where Ze Frank was the speaker.  Many people may not recognize the name, but essentially, he is a blogger gone crazy.  Frank studied neuroscience at Brown and even played in a band.  One day he sent out an "Online Birthday Invitation" to 17 of his closest friends.  After a few forwards of this email, the invitation had reached over a million people.  And that was how it all started.  Since then Frank has been connecting people of different cultures and backgrounds through "the network".

In his talk, Frank mentions something very relevant to our lives as Christians.  He talks about why there has been so much success in all of these things he is doing.  He uses an example of a street sign of a crosswalk, where the person is pressing the button to cross the street and compares it to a person standing on the street fully engaged in their cell phone.  "Life is being lived in that moment" he says.  Which is true.  He then goes on to talk about this need to feel and to be felt.  That this is a way for people to connect and to be felt and for others to connect to them and to feel. 

This concept made me think.  In a society that has become so accustomed to being independent.  Disagree?  Just ask Kelly Clarkson, Beyonce, or Lil Webbie...all of who have songs out about celebrating being an independent individual.  But is that what we really are suppose to be?  I agree with Ze Frank, deep inside of us, everyone has this need to connect to someone to understand to have them understand.  We all want to have this deep powerful connection. To feel and to be felt...

Hasn't that already happened?  

Wasn't Jesus made man and died on the cross to understand human suffering to forgive us of our sins.  In that moment, we are felt.  In one of the most powerful, meaningful ways possible. 

Isn't that what this community is there for?  Isn't that why we have our church family.  To have a community to support us and be there for us as we grow?  

Will you who witness these vows do all in your power to support these persons in their life in Christ? 

We are asked this every Baptism and as a congregation and we always respond, "We Will!"

From our childhood, we already have this entire group of people who have devoted themselves to helping you and being their for you.  All in the name of Christ.  This great and amazing person that was made man and died for us.  Shouldn't that mean we should be dependant instead of so independent.
Now as someone that has been referred to as "independent to a fault" it is very difficult for me to do this.  To fully give yourself to Christ.  To feel and be felt by Christ.  To connect with Christ, and in Christ, and through Christ.

In a society that promotes and encourages to be independent, I propose the opposite.

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