Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Don't Worry About Tomorrow...

No matter how hard we try, we can never fully prepare for the future. One cannot plan for the future,
yet for thousands of years, humans have been trying to do so. Through practices such as augury
and astrology, the generations before us have been unsuccessfully attempting to find answers or hints
of the future in their surroundings. We are always looking for answers or some insight into the future
that can help us better prepare for it, but does it really help? Looking back at these absurd, antiquated
traditions makes one question if the generations that came before us truly were poisoned by the lead in their cup. Calendars and classification systems have been built around horoscopes, but today, one is considered a fool for even giving them a second thought. As we look back on our attempts to predict, plan, and control the future, we realize humans will probably never be able to tell or even prepare for the future because we simply do NOT know what the future holds for us.

To this day, most of us wake up to the buzzing of an alarm clock or fall asleep at certain hour. We let time control our lives in the present through clocks, and we have schedules to plan for the future.  Being organized may be conducive to having a stress-free life, but if you let your attempts to control the future take hold of you, the tool you once thought would help you through the day could lead to paranoia instead.  If one solely focuses on the future, I believe that they are missing out on the present. 

God asks us to live our lives to the fullest and bring honor to his kingdom. Being anxious hinders our ability to fully understand our surroundings. Without an understanding or awareness of God’s kingdom built around us, we cannot grasp the complicated and constantly changing world we have been blessed with.

A new chapter of my life is rapidly approaching. For the past 16 years, I've been at the same schools as thirty or so boys in my graduating class, and as we head to different colleges, separation is unfortunately inevitable. It will be strange being surrounding by 20,000 new faces next year without having people I've grown up around with beside me. The value of relationships you have made in high school will begin to lose value over time, and they will continue to get replaced by more recent friendships. Even though we still have another semester ahead of us, a lot of boys in my grade are realizing that our high school days are limited and easily counted. Boys have already begun the college process, and many are flocking towards the same universities. In my grade, ten to twenty boys will probably attend the same university as I. As we try to plan for the future, we may at first find comfort in it but we cannot let it take full control of our actions.

We have been aimlessly playing video games and ping pong in the senior lounge for the past 10 weeks -- living in the moment rather than worried about the future. Although what we’re doing may not be the best use of time, is it so wrong to live life in the moment for a bit? God’s plan is unknown to us as we try to live our lives in his name, yet we keep living. Perhaps not having a complete understanding of what’s to come may not be so bad after all.

The future is frustrating, and our attempts to further understand it only bring more confusion, so maybe today’s trouble is enough for today. Tomorrow will bring worries of its own.

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