Thursday, May 29, 2014

Day 3 - Völklinger Hütte and the Saar River

Today we began our third day in Germany, our second in Saarbrücken! We started our day with Morning Prayer outside of Voelkinger-Huette on the steps, praying and journaling. The morning lesson was the story of Moses and the parting of the Red Sea. We then entered Voelkinger-Huette, which used to be a steel factory (the largest in the world) and is now an interactive museum. We explored the museum doing various things such as climbing to the very top of the building in hard hats and overlooking the city, observing the superannuated machinery, and playing on the themed playground. Another part of the museum had a pop culture exhibit, Generation Pop!, that held different displays of items and facts of pop cultures around the world throughout the ages. After our fun time in the museum we traveled to lunch in Merziger at a brauhaus called Saarfürst. When lunch was over we loaded onto the bus to go a local garden, similar to the Botanical Gardens and the Greenline combined, where we hiked. We walked to the top of an overlook and saw the outstanding beauty of the Saar River and countryside, one of the most amazing views ever! We then walked into the woods where we celebrated an impromptu Eucharist. Kendra gave a wonderful sermon that applied to our journey and was very thought provoking about not fearing failure or the unknown. Following the hike, the bus dropped us off at the edge of the Saar River where we set up and had Lectio Divina. The weather and the peacefulness made the moment all the more memorable. Matt encouraged us to leave Lectio Divina, walking along the river, to really meditate in silence and think about what we had discussed. This had been talking about our “Red Sea Moment”, or a moment in your life when you are relying on faith and waiting on God to help you through, just as Moses did when he waited for God to part the Red Sea with the wind. At the end of our walk along the beautiful river, we sat down at a local baguette shop in the town square called Boulangerie with amazing sandwiches for dinner and then we got gelato. We walked back to the hotel to do our nightly routine of highs and lows and then Compline, which is always a great way to end the day! We are having a wonderful time here in Germany and are so happy everyone is continuing to check in! :)

                        Much love,

                                    Lilly, Camryn, and Edith


  1. nice work ladies! i wish i were with you!
    Ashley Baine

  2. Love seeing the pictures and reading the posts! Enjoy.