Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Pilgrimage Day 1 - Heidelberg

We finally made it here in Germany, and I haven’t slept in over twenty -four hours. From the beginning we have been submerged in the German culture. Margaret and I got laughed at in customs and that was pretty embarrassing. Once we got to Heidelberg we met Olga our tour guide. We went to the town square or a MarktPlatz where the Church of the Holy Spirit sat in the middle of the square. It was founded as a Catholic church, but was later split into Catholic and Protestant at the same time in the early 1700’s. We ate lunch at Scheffel’s (a very authentic German place)  and I had the grilled sausage, but there was also schnitzel and there was other many local foods. Then we our Schlosstickets and headed up the mountain to the Heidelberg Castle, and we could see the whole city from the castle.  In the castle is the world’s largest vat of wine.   It was even so big that is had a dance floor on top of it!  As we left Heidelberg we visited the small shops and had pastries. Even saw a mime.   And as I write this we are on the way to Saarbücken, and we have been stuck in traffic for almost two hours.   The day ended being really great though.  We had pizza for dinner back at the hotel and then went to bed to rest up for another great day!

                                                            Guten Nacht

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