Saturday, May 31, 2014

Day 4 - Luxembourg

We started off the day in the B&B Hotel just like every morning. And with a delicious breakfast full of toast and jelly and cornflakes, we set off on our spiritual journey to Luxembourg with our bus driver George pronounced like “Yorge.” He gave us a stern warning that we should be careful what we buy because it is all very expensive because of the fact that Luxembourg is the second wealthiest country in the world. As we were entering this wonderful and exciting city we noticed the exhilarating beauty of the green and complex world. Suddenly we stopped and made a short walking trip to the town hall square in the city of Luxembourg where we met with our tour guide, Milly, with less than adequate English and a uptight jumpy attitude. She led us first to a palace where a statue of a Dutch duke was prancing his horse through the streets leading up to the palace of Luxembourg.  At the palace we could see old architecture but don’t be fooled our minds were captivated by the guard who was holding a gun on duty. After trying to make him laugh and having a couple of pictures we were of to the next stop visiting an old rain collector they would have used in the olden days which wasn’t to interesting to me. Then we adventured on to the Fortress. The Fortress of Luxembourg was part of the old city where it made you feel dwindled by the height, power, and complexity while still being as tranquil as Olivia kicking a soccer ball. The Fortress with its twists and turns showed to be just another problematical obstacle that we faced. We saw a really cool cannon that was then ridden by one of our leaders.

Onward our journey went out of the castle and down a nice stone rode where we learned that when you park in Luxembourg you must run over some pretty fancy poles. We continued on with our journey into the elevator, which was bloody because of a dog that had recently been in there. We followed the path until we stumbled upon the Cathedral of Our Lady of Luxembourg, which we did our daily lesson in. We continued to our lunch where we split into small groups and all went to different restaurants.  I ate Italian food and had ice cream. Then after the fantastic food we journeyed all around the city see whatever we could see. With many of the girls becoming captivated by the H&M I was forced to sit outside and wait while they “shopped” for 15 minutes. We completed a full circle around the area and its stores, but without finding anything cool in these shops besides some cool looking knives, which were too expensive. We spun around on the playground a couple of times and finally became dizzy, especially Adam, and ended up where we started.  After this situation we left and we met George for the bus ride to France. Suddenly on our most peaceful ride George started to yell and we found the most alluring of all discoveries. We found the American World War II Cemetery, which of course was very well “planned” by Matthew.
            Matthews mind: Let’s go to Europe and just see what happens.
            Wise words from the wizard prophet Jimbo: “Throw it in there and see what happens.”
Luck? I think not.
It was very powerful and emotional and we got a lot out of it. The guide was very well spoken and I learned more in his 30 minutes than I learned all year in my history class. DUN… DUN… DUN …TO BE CONTINUED…

Jim and Jack

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